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The following items have been restored by Piero and are for sale.

Japanese 2-section Tansu

Item no. 91

With a well worn patina to both the iron work and wood surface, this large tansu, probably early Meiji period, is also likely from the castle town of Nihonmatsu (two pine trees) in northern Japan. Some distinctive characteristics include squarish lock plates with pine tree motif. Also indicative of this region, the use of an opaque lacquer over keyaki (elm) drawer fronts instead of the typical clear lacquer, combined with the use of a different timber (Sugi – in this case) for the small drawer fronts behind the safe door. In Nihonmatsu, chest locks possessed two lock buttons: one a temporary sliding latch, the other requiring a key. Unusually, this chest only has one, key operated, suggesting broader influences. The forged warabite (bracken shaped) handles are substantial. During previous restoration lock bolts were severed, probably to reduce the likelihood of accidentally locking the drawers without a key.

Height: 116 cm Width: 108 cm Depth: 45 cm

Price: $1250

Georgian wine table

Item no. 90

A handsome 18th century Georgian mahogany tripod table, circa 1780. Features an elegant vase-shaped column with good patina and solid single-board mahogany top of a medium size at 63.5cm diameter. The top tilts to allow easy storage to one side or in a corner when not in use, while still showing off the beautiful warm wood. Ideal as a lamp table or side table, or for wine and cheese. Original brass catch snaps top into position while in use. Very good condition, with an early replacement of lower portion of one leg.

Height: 72cm Diameter: 63.5cm

Price: $795

18th century Pembroke table

Item no. 85

Eighteenth century mahogany Pembroke table, circa 1765, with later modifications, circa 1890s. With square moulded legs, this Pembroke almost certainly started out with a square-edged rectangular top. Fast forward over a century and the more humble top was altered to form an ovoid shape, given a rounded edge and inlaid with satinwood cross-banding. Likewise, the drawer front and the opposite panel. The centre shell motif completed the neoclassical makeover. The top does have a very pleasing faded patina and marks consistent with use, and has been freshened up. Hardware includes the original iron lock and three out of four original squat castors, although the drawer handle had been replaced. Repairs to loose cross-banding and drawer.

Width: 52cm closed; 101cm open Depth: 75cm Height: 73.5cm

Price: $850

Regency card table

Item no. 37

Very elegant mahogany, Regency period card table circa 1815. Beautifully figured mahogany top, bordered by ebony stringing and crossbanded mahogany throughout. The fine ring turned legs terminate in a beehive design, making the whole a very pleasing form. Repairs to veneer, splits due to shrinkage and replacement of one beech gate rail, due to early borer damage (borer no longer present). The top required some polishing. Care was taken to leave the remaining traces of a BADA (British Antique Dealers Association) sticker on the apron. The felt lining has been replaced.

Height: 75cm Width: 90.5 cm Depth closed: 45 cm Depth – open: 90.5 cm

Price: $2250

Bachelor’s Chest

Item no. 31

If one is looking for a compact, mahogany chest of drawers with an optional desk surface, then this Regency era, streamlined piece may be just the thing. Circa 1815, what was originally a bureau was modified into the present form, probably some time during the Victorian era. Ornate handles and ormolu top edging were added, but the evidence suggests after the original modification. The hardware has been replaced, although the piece retains its original Regency period locks, and the whole chest thoroughly restored. Unlike typical bachelor’s chests, only part of the top folds over, leaving a permanent flat surface for a lamp, ornaments, etc. Further details/photos re restoration available on request.

Height: 78cm Width: 102.5 cm Depth – open: 76.5 cm Depth closed: 54 cm

Price: $2800

Regency Rosewood table

Item no. 79

Exceptional quality regency dining table in the style of Thomas Hope, circa 1820. The large tilting top rests on a substantial triform base, supported by the most wonderfully carved lion’s paws. It comfortably seats six. The column has a concave form and is enhanced by moulded corners flowing into acanthus leaf scrolls. Particularly beautiful is the waterfall figure of the rosewood top, which creates lovely movement. The top also has a crossbanded edge and apron. The hardware is original. An unusual and stunning piece.

Height: 75cm Diameter: 137cm

Price: POA

Oak and Mahogany Chest

Item no. 86

18th century oak and mahogany chest of drawers, circa 1775. This oak chest possesses a good patina and the less common use of mahogany cross-banding to elegant effect, with canted corners and mahogany bracket feet. It has been restored to retain as much of the patina as possible, while enabling the drawers to function well. The top moulding replaces an earlier reeded moulding most likely added in the late 19th century as a fashionable upgrade. The handles and escutcheons were probably replaced at the same time but are appropriate for the period. A handsome piece.

Height: 97cm Width: 108cm Depth: 53.5cm

Price: $2600

Late 18th Century Chippendale Chest

Item no. 78

Late 18th century mahogany and pine Chippendale chest with ogee moulding. Consists of 5 drawers with original iron locks and sits on tall, elegant bracket feet. Mahogany veneer to the drawer fronts with pine sides and top, the top being veneered later in mahogany, probably in the 1980s. The attractive oval plate handles are not original. Drawers and runners have been thoroughly refurbished and are running very smoothly. The top has been repolished. General condition is consistent with age and the veneer on the top does have some minor ripples. Overall, a very attractive and useful piece, not taking up too much floor space.

Height: 95cm Width: 93cm Depth: 49cm

Price: $1450

French Deco Sideboard
French Deco Sideboard


French Deco Sideboard
French Deco Sideboard

French Deco sideboard

Item no. 82

Very stylish French walnut sideboard, circa 1930, with clean lines and generous proportions. The sideboard has 2 cupboards with a pull-out slide above each and 4 drawers. Having a frame and panel back and a fully polished interior, this is a very classy piece of its day. The book-matched walnut figure is very attractive and enhanced by an unusual Deco-style post-and-rail brass gallery (originally for hanging a splash-back curtain). The angular turned walnut knobs harmonise well with the individual brass columns, square tapered feet and a touch of carving to the base. Fully functioning mortise locks. The use of veneered plywood and solid timber combines with hand-cut dovetails and other traditional joinery in the carcase. Restoration has included some refinishing of surfaces, rebuilding of base, re-instatement of missing brass rail. Condition is excellent, although some scratches and marks consistent with use are still present.

Height to top: 100cm     Height including railing: 134.5cm   Width: 176.5cm    Depth: 66cm

Price: $2400

Australian cedar chiffonier

Item no. 81

Late 19th century, circa 1880s, 2-door chiffonier, with 2 drawers and rich patina, which is desirable in an Australian cedar piece.  The back of this rococo-revival chiffonier bears a stencil with the name ‘Trueman’ and the addresses 41 and 115 Clarendon St in South Melbourne, which was a furniture district from the 1880s. The door locks were missing and have been replaced, and the finish has been tidied up in part. 

Height: 155cm    Width: 122cm    Depth: 49.5cm

Price: $975

Japanese cha-dansu (tea utensil chest)

Item no. 74

Antique late-Meiji cha-dansu (Japanese tea utensil chest) circa 1890s, with six drawers, two sliding doors (removable) and one drop-in door. The sliding doors display book-matched keyaki panels with a lovely grain pattern. Cabinet facing and drawer lining is in kiri wood (paulownia) and the rest of the carcase is in sugi. A steel frame has been constructed to optimise the chest’s practical uses, but it can be removed if a more traditional look is desired. There are no locks, as was typical with a tea utensil chest, and the handles are forged warabite (bracken style). The whole retains a very pleasing, worn patina. 

Height 89.5cm – height w/out base 57.5cm – width 89cm – depth 40cm

Price: $1100

Early- to mid-19th century four-drawer desk

Item no. 13

Elegant and practical four-drawer mahogany  desk from c. 1830-50. The desk has mahogany cross-banding to the top, ebony banding, and ebonised ringlets to the turned legs, and generally a lovely original patina. It has an adjustable writing surface which comfortably accommodates the use of a laptop keyboard and leaves space around the slope for fixed items (eg lamp, books). The faux leather may or may not be original, but is most likely also 19th century. The desk bears a striking similarity to an illustration on p.42 of the Pictorial Dictionary of British 19th Century Furniture Design (Antique Collectors’ Club, 2003), which is attributed to W. Smee and Sons. Castors are new replacements. Drawer locks are in working order.

Height 77cm to the writing surface; 84.5 cm overall height – depth 69 cm – width 106.5cm

Price: $ 1950


Early Dutch oak dressing table

Item no. 35

A delightful early 18th century (circa 1720) Dutch oak, 3-drawer dressing/side table. This piece has a warm, time-worn patina, poise and personality. Restoration included replacement of three pad feet which were copied from the existing original. The shaped knee-hole apron and knee blocks were also missing and all repairs colour matched to existing finish. More detailed information re restoration available on request.

Height 70 cm – depth 54 cm – width 74 cm

Price: $3750

Set of four George III dining chairs

Item no. 3

Set of four George III, circa 1780s Hepplewhite period dining chairs. These camel back mahogany chairs, with wheat sheaf motif to the splat, are in very sound condition. The finish has been revived and the drop-in seats have been re-covered.

Height 95cm; depth 42.5cm; width 52.5cm

Price: $ 1200

Georgian medicine box

Item no. 21

Handsome mahogany medicine/apothecary box, circa 1820. It is fitted with a bottom drawer released by a brass pin. Its handles are original and it has a working lock with a replacement key. The original underlid fabric has been re-used with new padding.

Height 26 cm – depth 18 cm – width 26.5 cm

Price: $795

Pair of 18th century French Louis XV side chairs

Item no. 303

Elegant pair of painted and gilded French side chairs circa 1775. Replacement cane to backs and one seat as well as one missing seat frame replaced. Structural joint rebuilding, some paintwork and gilding repairs carried out, whilst retaining as much as possible of the existing finish. Now in excellent condition.

Price: $3950

Restored furniture which has been sold can be viewed on page 2.

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