I’m probably not alone in having a favourite tool, amongst the many I’ve accumulated over the years. I bought this beech cabinet-maker’s mallet for $3 some 35 years ago from Faram Bros in Port Melbourne, and still regularly use it today. I have others, including a heavier version of the same, a slightly different shaped one and a carver’s mallet as well. But this one just feels right – not too heavy and with all its ‘battle scars’ it’s acquired the look of something cherished. It’s also a reminder of the journey I’ve taken. Sadly, Faram Bros closed down around 4 years ago after 87 years of continuous operation.  As I recall being told, Faram Bros had taken over a general store that had been in existence since the mid-19th century. I frequently bought supplies from them; they would weigh up the nails and wrap them in newspaper.

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